Sourdough revolution
Colonising the gut and the mind.

“Sourdough Revolution” is a project that started with a publication of the artist’s fermentation work in the regional newspaper “De Limburger”, held at the Jan Van Eyck academy Food Lab kitchen. The project is intended to raise awareness in microbiotic communities beneficial for human health, namely of Lactobacillus that live in human digestive and urinary tract, mouth as well as vaginal microbiota. These microorganisms through entering the artist’s guts, manipulate her emotions in order to advertise itself to colonise the guts of other residents in the region, and spread itself in the midst of the Pandemic, starting a revolution to multiply.

The readers receive a manual designed by the artist to address issues with our current wheat production, why more and more people develop gluten intolerancy, and how to actively re-gain an understanding in different types of wheat (ancestral wheat) and make a change in how we perceive this basic food.

The path which the microorganisms travel is traced in the map (work in progress)..

Article on Food & Culture, regional newspaper “De Limburger”, published by journalist Rob Cobben, 20th October 2020

Packaging dehydrated sourdough to send in the region along with a manual

Manual "Sourdough Revolution" informing the start-up bakers about various facts about gluten, why we develop gluten intolerancy,benefits of Lactobacillus bacteria in bread, different types of wheat, how to keep the sourdough alive, recipes 2020-10-25 at 22_27_29_v2.jpg

Video still from "Sourdough Revolution" published on Youtube, giving instructions how to bring the sourdough starter culture alive and kick-start sourdough bread baking.
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