-Spaghetti to wear

Influenced by commercially produced 26 cm long thin dried threads, spaghetti is widely known as cheap food that can feed an army.

What happens when these strings combine in a weave structure where the warp is also in the form of straight long threads. Spaghetti can only get loose in the parts according to weave structure of the weft once its wet.

I wanted to bring these strings in a weave which can be worn where the fragility of these thin threads of spaghetti are paid attention to. It can break into pieces when its dried. Its less fragile when wet. The stripes change form once soaked wet.

One slurps his spaghetti and thinks that the longer the threads, the more pleasurable it is to eat these threads.

These cheaply accessible threads are treated as fragile long strings and put in another context- on the body, rather than in the body. Food becomes textile or is the textile, surrounding our body, fragile.

http://aslihatipoglu.com/files/gimgs/th-10_spagethhi3_o (1).jpg