The Anonymous Refugee

What would you take with you if you had to flee from your country as a refugee? was the starting question.
I took an IKEA blue bag as a starting point because of its functionality and cheapness. I started to deconstruct this bag to understand how it was made. I figured out after experimentation that this 50 cent bag was actually sawn each time by a different person who attached his/her signature to it on the tag which is hidden between the layers of this cheap plastic. I wondered who was this anonymous maker of my IKEA bag, so I contacted IKEA, however I could not get any results.
I saw relationships between an anonymous maker and an anonymous refugee. We know they are there but few of us know their stories and how they made it to the country we live in. They traveled from miles away just like the IKEA "FRAKTA" bag. I met a Tibetian refugee in Switzerland, whom I went back to record an interview. The project was to have a direct contact to understand the anonymous person behind stories.

IKEA bag is deconstructed and comes as an IKEA package where you have to construct it again. Different variations of manuals are made; one in english (universal), one in vietnamese (country where it was made), one empty (leaves it up to your imagination), one pictorial (IKEA-like).

Snapshot book is a collective of IKEA FRAKTA bag tags with different signatures of persons who saw them.