"In my hands i hold the bowl of tea, i see all of nature presented in its green color closing my eyes. I find green mountains pure water within my own heart. Silently drinking i feel ease becoming a part of me."
Water is the most essential element in human life. We can‘t separate ourselves from water. How can you detach yourself from your own shadow? There is one thing humans can do and that is to accept and become one with water.
Our tea ceremony is designed to bring back the simplicity of the practice of tea; a moment for everyone to slow down and appreciate a very basic element of life, water.
Water is human. She holds emotions and memories. Most of the time she is the abused child; especially in the cities where she is forced to travel through dark rusted harsh tubes, and is stripped out of its own soul before she reaches your tap.
We did an extensive research to look into the different journeys water took started from various origins to understand.
We understood that water in its most virgin state had miraculous properties, and that we as humans had a lot of influence on the structure of water.
While designing our tea cups, we were influenced by the japanese zen gardens; where a miniature style landscape is created by composed arrangements of rocks and other water features. So with each cup resembling elements of a zen garden inside, we aimed to bring water into its virgin state before being consumed.
The event took place next to Roest, Amsterdam, in collaboration with Floris Boogard. During his workshop, guests had to play the Water Town game in Roest, to understand and tackle the issues of rainwater in the city and think about sustainable urban water planning. Afterwards, they were directed to take part in the tea ceremony outside, where they had to take off their shoes and become one and intimate with water again, fully appreciate the existence and understand the miraculous properties as we brought the rainwater back to its virgin state. Rainwater was collected and boiled around a campfire together with flowers and herbs. Tea was served in specially designed cups. Water not only entered our bodies through sounds it emitted through our conversations, but also was used to relax our senses through intimacy. (1).jpg