Date- 2017-present

“Fantasies” is a collaboration project between flutist Roy Amotz (Jerusalem/Berlin) and cooking artist Asli Hatipoglu (Amsterdam). It consists of a dinner set-up of 7 courses in which each course is a representation of the musical piece played. The audience is invited to shed itself from the separateness and to dive into the experience of fusing the senses of both the palate and the ears- as one whole.

Composition and cooking, tasting and listening are all temporal experiences that are linked to our senses. We tend to eat and listen “with our eyes” before we actually activate the relevant senses of taste and hearing. The visual image in our brain instantly creates a certain expectation and thus adds an element of comparison to our experience. In the world of digitalisation and overwhelming visual judgement, “Fantasies” culinary musical journey is to allow the other senses to be experiences in their own right, without the domination of visual engagement, thus enabling the audience to give in to the pure experience, without preconceptions.

Asli, as a culinary artist explores the effects of these vegan dinners (which she uses her asian fusion culinary skills in combination with local ingredients) on the different audiences in each country and analyses a pattern of feelings through individual experiences. She uses these dinners also as a platform to understand different behavioural patterns in eating, reactions of different age groups and gender, as well as how trust is lost or built in physical touch when we loose our eye-sight.

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Custom designed plates (by Rachel Sellem) with different surface textures used for the events