I was born in Turkey in 1990 to parents of Turkish and Thai descent; at the age of 14, I moved to Asia, where I continued my education, completing both IGCSE and IB diplomas. I moved to the Netherlands to study Art & Design. After a year in Design Academy Eindhoven, I decided upon completing my bachelor in Textile Art & Design in Amsterdam at the fine arts school Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

Through a practice of cooking in different environments, engaging with people from different cultural backgrounds, I run into stories, which lead me to different subjects to explore including history, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, environment and science. I translate these stories/knowledge into either textiles, or mainly organize conceptual dinners to investigate further the subject matter in contemporary context by creating social interaction through food. I believe that in order to understand complex systems of our society, we need to look at social issues from different perspectives.

Currently, I am exploring the realms of science in food, namely microorganisms responsible for fermentation, along with spirituality. I believe that the impact of food carries a role in our behaviour, smell, thinking and therefore how we relate to each other. My aim is to rethink what we are actually actively cultivating/culturing/culture. I use scientific knowledge and politics interrelated to food and textiles in order to bridge the understanding to our bodies and identity and therefore our intertwined social relations.