Amstel Park Sporen

Marjolijn Boterenbrood does artistic research, investigating spaces and places. She reveals the hidden aspects of a place, giving them substance in many different ways. The outcome involves a diverse finding ranging from drawings, objects, photos, videos to an atlas. Boterenbrood acts as a pioneer exploring the places, enhances, alone or together with others, with her findings, making them visible to other people.

For three months Marjolijn (the first artist) in residence at the Orangerie in the context of Zone2Source from october-december 2014. She found out many different layers of the Amstel Park; from organisms and their lives underground, in water, on trees, on ground. She presents her work and findings at the zone2source, located in "Het Glazen Huis" in the Amstel Park. Sounds, smells, mycelium, reflections and traces of the park were a couple of categories. A quote from a Chinese encyclopedia (Foucault of Borges) was her inspiration, "In it the following classification of the animal kingdom that includes: animals belonging to the emperor, embalmed, tame, suckling pigs, sirens, mythical animals, stray dogs, which appear in this format, which hit around like lunatics and innumerable."

In collaboration with Marjolijn, I organized a dinner with the concept of cooking with what is edible from Amstel Park together with the inspiration driven from Marjolijn┬┤s findings about organisms living on and underground. The event started with Marjolijn┬┤s walk through the park, talking about her project, following a dinner in the glass house. nettle.jpg pesto.jpg